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Custom Tied Globugs

Custom Tied Estaz

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The Bestbugz Team of Fly Tiers
Mickey "Chief" Varga Don  "Bestbugz" Varga Calvin "Whoooooo" Blair
Fred "The CoffeeMeister" Gilliland Jerry "Da Slinky Guy" Howarth William "Billy U" Urban
Mickey "Chief" Varga

Co-President and Master Globug Tyer.
The Chief is Co-Founder and Co-President of  If you ordered a Globug chances are that you received one that was tied by him.  The Chief hand ties between 8,000 - 10,000 globugs a year.  Quality is the Chief's trade mark.  If the globug does not look like a bug that he would use he doesn't send it out.  If you have a globug question for the Chief, send him an email at

Don "Bestbugz" Varga

Co-President and All Around Tyer.
Don is Founder and Co-President of  Tying flies has become his passion.  You never know where you'll find him sitting and tying.  It's common to see him riverside tying up new patterns to try.  "If you're not hooking fish then you're not having fun".  If you have any questions for Don, please send him an email at

Fred "CoffeeMeister" Gilliland

Logistics Operations Manager
Fishing with a crew of 8 to 17 guys each trip can get confusing.  Fred is the man for the job.  You can find Fred at river side making sure that the meals are on schedule and the coffee pot is always full.

  Calvin "Whooooooo" Blair

Custom Stonefly Tyer
Calvin has been with Bestbugz since the beginning.  He is a custom tyer for all our standard stonefly patterns.  If you see a stonefly pattern and wonder how it was made or provide one to be tied, Calvin is your man.  He custom ties all request for our standard stones.  Why the "Whoooooooo"? You can't miss when Calvin is on the water after each hook-up instead of the traditional "Fish On" he gives out his own "Whooooooooooooo"

Jerry "Da Slinky Guy" Howarth

The Slinky Guy
Jerry is our guy for "Da Slinky's".  He often can be seen at the river with candle in hand making slinky's.  When the fishing gets going and the slinky's run low he's always ontop of production.  What are slinky's? Slinky's are the weight used to get your fly to the river bottom where the fish are.  They roll over most snags helping keep you in the water longer fishing.

    William "Billy U" Urban

Steelhead Stone Fly Tier
Billy U started with Bestbugz in 2010.  He is known locally as an "Urban" legend so having him join the team was quite the accomplishment.  He ties our Steelhead Stone Fly patterns throughout the year and is always coming up with new innovative patterns for our fly testers to try. 
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